Sunday, April 13, 2008

Broken Vessels Part 3

This Sinner Woman has gotten under my skin; she has found her way into my heart. I can’t begin to imagine how Jesus felt when she left Him. He had been walking the earth, preaching, teaching, healing and delivering people. Scripture tells us many praise Him after healing and deliverance. There was but one other who worshipped Him, Mary of Bethany. We know that Mary and Jesus were close. He raised her brother from death, she most likely spent many hours with Jesus, listening and learning. Scripture tells us nothing about this Sinful Woman to explain what Jesus had done for her to bring her to Simon’s house that day. We learn nothing of their history in scripture. Some believe her to be Mary Magdalene or the Adulterous Woman. I do not believe her to be either. Neither of these women was described as this Sinful Woman, Jesus said her sins were many. She by history has been described as a notorious sinner, a low down dirty whore. Leading me to believe she engaged in all kinds all sins not just prostitution. She was not the type of woman that I even in all my mess would probably talk to on a typical day. To be honest I would most likely be among the gossipers, the whispers who turned the other way when she approached. Who she was and her act of worship bestowed upon Christ brings many questions. Where did she encounter Jesus? What was He doing that would lead her to transform in such a miraculous way? In my heart I believe she met Jesus and He spoke words to her that penetrated where no one else had before. Jesus in His awesome power had reached the very essence of this woman, He had touched her deeply, giving her hope lost and forgotten long ago. He brought back her self worth and a touch of the love she once had for herself. Before she met Christ she had no value, no beauty beyond the outside. Life had not given her a reason to believe in anything or anybody. This Sinner woman carried each piece of brokenness women collectively share. She carries my self doubts, and fears and your abuse, low self esteem, depression and another’s pain, hurts and sorrows. All we experience she carries for us. Imagine how many shatter pieces she carry in her spirit as she struggles to survive in a cold heartless world.
Jesus had a profound effect on this woman. Whatever their encounter it embraced the very spirit of what we seek, hope, and desire when we enter the Presence of the Lord, yet have not allowed ourselves to reach the depth she was able. I dare to believe The Holy Spirit included her act of worship to lead us to understand there is none Jesus can not heal. He can take all my filth and yours leading us to an encounter that transforms at the soul level, reaching deeper than we are even aware.
Can you envision how Jesus was able to bring this woman from brokenness to surrender? She walked out of her house with her most costly and treasured possession, an alabaster jar of perfume. She walked into Simon’s home without invitation, she walked pass those who talked about her with ridicule and hate but sought her favors under the covers of darkness. As she walked she heard not a word they spoke for her eyes were only for Jesus, her Lord. Finding Him she slowly moved toward Him stopping at His feet and full with all He has freely giving her when they first met. Though she didn’t mean too tears begin to fall from her eyes, quietly, uncontrollable they fell on His feet, she fell on her knees and begin to dry His tear soaked feet with her hair, with thoughts of His love and compassion she begin to kiss His feet and cover them with her precious costly perfume, He was worthy, all she had she surrendered, she emptied herself of all which had kept her bound, her heart told her she could trust Him not to hurt her, all her faith she could put in Him. From her secret place, the place where only God can enter, where she kept everything she cherished she gave to Jesus in those moments. The Sinful Woman lifted the Savior up in unadulterated, untainted, untouched, and pure worship. My God heart tells me when she left forgiven of all her sins her life was never the same. She became what Jesus desires we all become a worshipper. Everything she did from that moment on was worship,
I now turn to Linda Dillow, author of “Satisfy My Thirsty Soul” who graciously teaches that worship is even more than we witness from the Sinful Woman. It is the bowing of my words, attitude, work, my times of waiting, my pain, my will and my life. To her list I add bowing my thoughts, talk, desires, dreams, and temple. Linda says hidden in worship is His Presence. I have learned once I get into His Presence than I reached my goal. Ladies this is why I have learned to love this sinful woman, Jesus brought her to intimacy, my heart desire.
Come, let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker, For He is our God. Psalm 95:6-7a
Worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness; Psalm 96:9a
Exalt the LORD our God and Worship at his footstool; he is holy. Psalm 99:5
Exalt the LORD our God and worship at his holy mountain, for the LORD our God is holy. Psalm 99:9
Let us go to his dwelling place; let us worship at his footstool—Psalm 132:7

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Plant Lady said...

A God Chaser,
I have been keeping up with your posts. I am enjoying them as they are challenging me to develop an even greater intimacy with God, which is also my desire.

Each woman, I believe, has a place in her heart and soul, that only Jesus can fill. No one else can understand the depths of our feelings and we, ourselves, cannot fully express them in words. He is able and willing to come to our point of need and then meeting that need with His Amazing Grace.

Each woman, I think, struggles with some of the same issues and some that are different, but all are so intimate, it is hard for us to reveal them or put them into words. God knows each one and can heal.

Thank you for doing this blog! I look forward to visiting often!

Plant Lady