Monday, July 14, 2008

Having A Mary Spirit-Bible Study

I have decided to take on another Bible study my Martha Syndrome, I invite my sisters to join me in this study and pray for me in keeping balance and remembering the most important thing. The study is of course “Having a Mary Spirit” by Joanna Weaver. I hope to share more about what I learn in each chapter in upcoming post. This week is just answering the questions. The study is being hosted by Captivating Hearts –You may click on the icon at the right to get to her site.

Lesson I
How do I usually view God?
I go back and forth; I am at a place where I know God is actively working in my life in His own timing and way. He is active in y life and very much wants me to succeed. “BUT” there are times when I believe He is just waiting for me to come to Him surrendered and open so He can do what He wants with me. There are days when I feel I have messed up to the point where God has moved on to someone else who is more willingly and in tune with Him, clearly hearing His voice and acting accordingly.

How would my life be different if after confessing my sins to God and gave myself no further uneasiness about it as Brother Lawrence?
My prayer time would definitely be different as I wouldn’t keep asking God to forgive me for sins I have already confessed. I would worry less as I would leave things to God, trusting Him to help me accomplish His goals for my life.

What spoke to me most in these chapters?
The prayer we were asked to pray at the beginning. What an awesome prayer and so where I want to be with God. Identifying with Joanna about the deep desire to have intimacy with God. In fact this is very close to my heart for I determined my focus for this year would be to develop intimacy with God, my focus has been on studying and reading as much as I can on intimacy and worship. You don’t know how much I want to have a Mary’s spirit and a woman Joanna didn’t mention yet the sinful woman with the alabaster Jar found in Luke, she demonstrated a deep intimacy with Christ and she didn’t care what anybody thought about it-She came to know Jesus. The Second prayer found in Chapter 2 is also worthy of mention “Lord Change me! Whatever You do, don’t leave me the same. Make me like You.”
I am already grateful for this study when I open this book the purchase receipt was still there and I look to the date of purchase-11/9/06 but had not read it I also have Having a Mary’s Heart in a Martha’s World which I have yet to read- I love books and I purchase them and I don’t get to them, but God is good and He is ready for me to discover something in these pages which I pray will bring true and lasting transformation. I see the Martha in me so well now if I can find the Marys, and intimacy with my Savior.


Susanne said...

Love your answer to the Brother Lawrence question! It's funny how it takes us much longer to let go of our past sins than God. Once it's confessed and forgiven, we should LET GO and LET GOD!! Thanks so much for joining us. See you next week! ;-)

Joyfulsister said...

Hi my sister..
I have a surprise for you on my blog. Hugz Lorie

Melanie said...

I have heard about this Bible Study and hear it is great. I'll look forward to following your journey through this study.

Happy Tuesday!

godlover said...

I'm following along as best I can. Is this an on-line study? or, do you have a book in hand? I'm kinda lost.


God Chaser said...

Marj it is on line and I have the book in hand. I will try to post from now on what I am learning as I read each chapter. I started the chapters a little late this time. If you go to Truly Captivating you will see it you can link from my site at the right-by clicking on the icon or her site name under my blogs. I am sorry but I have not mastered putting the link in the post. I will work on this.

ValleyGirl said...

I am loving this study, too!! That prayer at the beginning was actually a little bit scary for me, but I'm so excited about digging deeper and growing and changing!!

Sorry it's taken me so long to get around to visiting!