Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Having A Mary Spirit-Bible Study

What does your flesh woman look like most often? A tattoo-and leather biker chick? A well dressed church lady? Or something else?

I’m not sure I am well dressed, but a church lady is who I attempt to resemble. All or most of the dressing is there. Sometimes the make-up may be flawed and the hats I wear don’t always reflect a well dressed church Lady. Some days my hat is floppy. I flip between being spirit filled and worldly. My shoes occasionally have scuff marks and my purse is often filled with baggage which is all safely put at the bottom or hidden in those zipper pockets, only the good church lady qualities are placed on top in case someone takes a look inside. Unfortunately sweet songs of praise do not flow from my mouth 24/7 but complaints, frustrations, and hopelessness are my songs of praise. "The Flesh woman" rears her ugly head too often, but Church Lady is fighting and screaming.

What most spoke to me?
Being able to give the flesh woman an identity and developing an understanding she is always going to be with me. My goal is to not let her win and when she does to confess and accept God’s forgiveness and grace and move on ensuring I pay attention to my behavior, speech and thoughts keeping them filled with God’s word giving her(flesh woman) limited opportunity to show herself. Giving the Holy Sprit the freedom to invade each area of my throne and establish the Lordship of Jesus within. I Choose God for I want to be on His side.

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Joyfulsister said...

Wow!! Powerful post my sister!!, Boy lately my flesh lady has been trying to surface (sigh). And you are so right if we don't keep her under wraps with the word and prayer, she could easily cause some havoc that could get out of control. Your posts always leaves me with a challenge and I like that!!!

Hugz Lorie

Susanne said...

Wonderful post, Willie!! I loved the analogy of the purse where all the "good and church-ladyish" things are placed at the top, but other more unsightly baggage is hidden away in the zipper pouches. That is very true for me, too. I often say that my house is a metaphor of my life. The counters are clean and you can eat off of the floor, but don't go digging in closets and drawers... I like to hide my mess!! ;-)
Thanks so much for sharing your heart.

ValleyGirl said...

Yeah, that's a big one ~ learning that "Flesh Woman" will always be around, we'll never get rid of her, but we can choose to not let her have her way all the time!

Technonana said...

The devil wants us all to be 'posers'... then he can keep us from fulfilling the purpose we have in Christ.... "Drawing others to Him".

godlover said...

Great Post, Wil, I too loved the purse comment; I could identify so much by remembering when I used to carry a purse. It kills me that we can't ever get rid of the flesh lady, because I want to sooooo badly. But thankfully between prayer and the Word I keep her knocked off her feet most of the time. But if I'm not careful she'll stand right back up there and wreak havoc. Great post!