Monday, September 8, 2008

Having a Mary Spirit

What spoke to me most?

•She had me with the opening paragraph when she asked if God has answered a prayer for me and I had not realized it. Had He given me something different? And later I realized I had received both. This opens the door for me to give much thought to how God has answered my prayers over the years.
•And then when she said her prayer had been to have a quiet and gentle spirit-I was right there because I have seeking to have a quiet and gentle spirit. But did she give me a different way of looking at this- a quiet and gentle spirit is a heart free from fear- this is not what I was pursuing. But this is exactly where God is gently taking me. He has quieted my soul.
•I love her method for falling backward in love.
•Difficulties can’t separate us from God-but fear sure can, Difficulties draws us closer to God, molds us and help us to become what God would have us to be- fear immobilize us-limiting change. Fear is really unbelief-it says God I don’t trust You. This is not the message I want God to receive from me.
•Speak God’s truth out loud- learning to do this-still need to get better with this, I am learning we have more power than we realize and speaking God’s promises out loud is more effective than quietly saying them in my heart-because for real Satan doesn’t dwell there and he can’t hear my silent speaking.
•Blessings pursue me-I don’t have to pursue them-I just have to listen for and obey God’s voice.

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ValleyGirl said...

"A quiet and gentle spirit is a heart free from fear" ~ I loved that phrase, too. Something I've never thought of before.

Susanne said...

I love your final thought... that we don't have to pursue blessings, they pursue us. Our job is to be still and obedient! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this chapter. Have a great week!