Monday, October 20, 2008

Having A Mary Spirit----Wearing Jesus/Step by Step

What spoke to me most?

The Designer Wardrobe

Most of us desire to wear designer clothes, even just a few pieces in our closet from which we could pull for special occasions. The majority of us don’t because of the cost. The truth as pointed out by Joanne is we belong to the greatest designer of all time and we can have a closet full of designer clothes. Our closets or at least my closet is still not full of designer wear because I haven’t been willing to pay the cost. Often my prayers call on God to clothe me in the garments of Christ. I just want God to do it, but designer clothes cost and I am learning I must be willing to pay the price. I must be willing to put me away and give up the clothes without the designer label. If I think about it the clothes which Jesus desire I wear, which He personally designed for me have already been paid for, I just need to donned them; compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Let me add I love Joanne definition of patience it is not passive resignation but peaceful relinquishment. It involves placing our lives and the lives of others in the Lord’s hands, trusting Him with our agendas, timetables and reputations. May I daily wear these beautiful garments.

In the list of Putting off the old and putting on the new the one that most resonated with me- stop rationalizing. Joanne was nice or Charles Swindoll the word I use is stop making excuses. Too often my behaviors are excused away. This is one I can start to begin with today.

We Simply Don’t Understand How To Live Free. Going through the motions with no real change, how God’s heart must pain.

Joanne said “You thought you were going to made into a decent little cottage, but he is building up a palace. He intends to come and live in it himself.” My thought was I invited him to a cottage, when He deserves a palace. So now He is building a palace for which He is most worthy to dwell.

I have enjoyed this study and my prayer continues to be Lord change me; please don’t leave me the same. Thank you Susanne and Valleygirl for taking this journey with me.

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Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sis..
I'm glad I wear a uniform to work . don't have to worry about what I'm gonna wear each day *smile*. I too am not into designer clothes, I just want to be comfortable and as long as I look presentable I am fine . My spirit is clothed with the garment of praise and I have my shoes of joy made from the number one designer himself Jesus Christ. And I'm on way to greet the day..
Halle;ujah praise the Lord!!

Hugz Lorie

Willow said...

Well, now I'm hooked and have to get this book. This line in your post got me: "Let me add I love Joanne definition of patience it is not passive resignation but peaceful relinquishment." Peaceful relinquishment is NOT something that I am good at.

Now I'm heading over to the truly captivating link you have to read more....

God bless you on your journey today!

Susanne said...

Great post!! Wasn't this the best study?? I for one have learned a lot and look forward to chewing on what I've learned, and practicing it in my every-day life. Thanks so much for coming alongside me in my journey. Have a wonderful day!!

eph2810 said...

I have heard often about this book. I really think that I need to read it.

I join you in your prayer that Jesus will change me from the inside out to be more like Him...

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this book.

ValleyGirl said...

I love your thoughts on the designer wardrobe. The cost is high, but it's already been paid. How awesome is that?!

This has been a great study; I'm sorry to see it end.