Monday, December 15, 2008

Kissing the Face of God

Mary did you know, you would be kissing the face of God?

Mary when first visited by the angel Gabriel couldn’t conceive in her mind the magnitude of the gift she was receiving. She was aware something wonderful in her life was about to happen.

I would dare to say when most of us accepted Christ as our personal Savior we had no idea the magnitude of the gift we were receiving. We only knew something wonderful was about to happen in our lives. I know this is very true for me. It is not until I look back and see how magnificent God has been in my life, and as I spend time in the word be it the Holy Scriptures or the writings of many inspired by the Holy Spirit that I come to realize the enormity of this gift,the wonder of this gift. The singer asks Mary did you know you would be kissing the face of God. Can you even imagine actually holding God in your arms and being able to kiss His face? Can you conceive this concept for a moment, kissing the face of God. Does the thought sent an unnameable loving feeling through your spirit as it does me? We may not be able to physically hold God in our arms as Mary but I believe when we move from the physical to the spiritual we can kiss the face of God.

My spirit kisses the face of God when I come to Him with a sincere heart, seeking to truly know Him focused totally on developing intimacy with His person. When I live a life in total surrender, bowing down my life to Him. I kiss the face of God when I allow Christ to live through me, molding and shaping me, growing me according to His perfect will. God receives my kisses when I worship Him in spirit and truth. Each offering of praise lifted up from my very essence is a kiss upon His face.

We kiss to show love and affection. God showed His great love for us by sending and giving His only begotten Son that we might have everlasting intimacy with Him. Daily He kisses us through Christ by meeting our needs; daily we should return those kisses by living surrender lives as our gift back to Him. Though we can never meet the same magnitude of God’s gift to us and glory to Him; He does not require us to, I believe every kiss we lovingly bestow upon His face is received and accepted at the same magnitude in which He gave us Christ because that is the magnitude of our God.

In what ways do you seek to kiss the face of God?
What areas of your life have not been totally surrender?
Meditate on the true meaning of Christmas. Identify how you can apply Christmas to your everyday life.

Father God, today I truly understand the favor bestowed upon Mary. She held you in her arms, she kissed Your face, she talked with You, she held your hands, she knew You up close and personal. She held peace, hope, faith, deliverance, salvation and so much more. Watching You on the cross, her mother heart broken I imagaine she wished she had kissed you more as I now pray let not one day end without me kissing Your face. In Jesus Name.


Willow said...

Wow, Willnette, your "reflection" questions are always hard!

"What areas of your life have not been totally surrender?" is an area of challenge that my husband gave me yesterday. He didn't put it that way but the gist of it is the same.

I'm convicted that, having been asked this question by my husband and now having found it here, that it is an area of my life that requires some close and honest examination. THANK YOU for making me look to those things that I can improve in my faith system and Christian walk.

God bless you, Willnette, you are so precious.

Michele Williams said...

So beautiful! Thank you so much for making me ponder what Mary was feeling. Blessings to you dear friend.

Debra said...

A beautiful post, and just what I needed to focus on what is really important this time of year, and every day. Each day is a gift from Him. I don't want to waste it.
Love, Debra

Jill said...

WOW! Is right. I just sat crying because I wonder these very things so often myself. Oh to be Mary - to touch God, to smell Him, to hold Him, care for Him, love on Him - my mind can't even wrap itself around those experiences. Oh how I long to sit at His feet and be able to do all of these things for eternity!

Beautiful, wonderful post!