Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lifting Him Up

Please visit me at Holy Sabbath today.


godlover said...

Happy Palm Sunday to you and yours. I am back blogging again. I'm still at gdlvr.blogspot. Guess I just couldn't stay away from it. I'll start out slowly until I get in the groove again. I'm not sure how my blog will be structured or what I'll write about but at least I'm up and running with it, sort of. What a glorious time to celebrate our living Lord! Let's not forget the cause of our celebration. Jesus Christ, Son of God, gave up His glorious rank in heaven and donned human flesh so that He might totally identify with the likes of us, you and I. As we live so He lived. And died. Just like us. But Christ rose again that day so long ago. A day of hope and forgiveness with a promise that we'll all be together one of these days in a world more heavenly than anything we can even dare to imagine. Heaven. Home.

As the children waved their palm branches this morning I had a newness of vision, an Epiphany of sorts, caused by the beauty of this blessed gift He offers us. What an amazing God! We all wait anxiously at the foot of the cross for Him to come again and carry us to our new home found in a place far better than anything we will know here in this life. We wait impatiently for this Second Coming when He will wipe away our every tear and fill us with a joy so sweet that we'll grow faint at its release into our eternal lives.

May you find your strength in His gift for you.

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