Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Being Still

Extravagant Grace

This button was at Lisa's at extravangant grace for WFW and it just stayed with me.
Quietness is something I am seeking to do more of- Quietness to be in the Lord's presence- Quietness to hear clearly His voice. Quietness so it can sink in He is God and He is my God. Today I give thanks again for times of stillness/quietness- those special moments when I can get still and let God show me Himself, leaving me knowing He is God.

I pray still moments for you today.

Giving thanks for a Father whom many say I resemble-this is comforting because He now rest with God. Before joining the Heavenly Father he left me with a wonderful spiritual legacy- He was a godly man and I learned much from him, much of which He received from his own godly father- how blessed is my life for having been in the family of two such godly men. Even with this I give praise for the Father I wish to resemble even more my Heavenly Father, Creator and Sustainer. I pray others see the resemblance and when I fall short and they don't may they point this out to me.
Giving thanks for God, my Father who looks upon me with adoration and love.

I pray wonderful memories of a loving "Father" for you today.

More Thankful Thursday


Denise said...

Beautiful WFW.

Sharon said...

That is beautiful, I have stopped and been looking at myself in the mirror and thinking in my mind do I have that image. So this is confirmation to me this morning and I thank you for the reminder. I feel as though I need to read that one paragraph one more time before I leave your site. So off I go. Have a beautiful day my friend :)

BoufMom9 said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your heart today.


Rachel said...

Stillness . . . something we all need more of - and need to make it a priority. The more I draw near to God the more necessary I realize it is. It is where He wants us more often than not - at His feet. The world works hard to suck us into its busyness - leading us to think that is a worthy life. But Jesus taught something much different. Be still and know I am God.