Sunday, May 11, 2008

Love Unconditional

Today is Mother’s Day, the day we give honor to all mothers, our own, those which are like a mother, god mothers, aunts, grandmothers, surrogate mothers all who contribute to our lives. There are good mothers, great mothers, excellent mothers and mothers who fall short; we love them all because they are God’s vessels. Mothers are the one who teach and instill the ways of God; they are usually the one who pick us up when we fall, no matter the age. Offering encouragement and support, mothers keep it real, telling us the truth even when we have no desire to hear the truth. Mothers stick by our side when no one else will, providing a healing hand when we are sick physically and spiritually. Mothers pray when we are doing good, bad and great, keeping us ever before God, they are in essence our God manifested in the earth, His eyes, hands, feet, and His heart and like Him their love is unconditional. Mothers love us at our very best and at our very worst; there is little we can do to cause a mother to turn her back on us. When we think of mothers, most especially godly mothers we are lead back to God, for they demonstrate to us so much of His character. God’s love is unconditional we only have to accept it; a godly mother does not place conditions on her children in order for her love to be received, her love too is unconditional for it started in the womb and is never ending.

We have many biblical examples of mothers from which we can learn. Following is just examples of food for thought as we strive to be mothers pleasing to God.
Hannah was a mother who kept her word. Keep your word to your children and to all people. Let your word be true and bonding.
Sarah was a protective mother. Keep your children from the evils of the world as much as possible. Be a shield of protection not exposing them to those things that will tear down rather than build them up.
Elizabeth was a teaching mother. Teach your children the ways of God. Teach them who they are in God, teach them they were made for a purpose beyond the cares and focus of the world.
Rebecca was a conniving but loving mother. Be an example of truth, be candid with your children, and teach them to be honorable and to live and walk in integrity. Show your children love is not scheming and manipulative but it is up front, speaking God’s truth.
Rachael and Leah were jealous mothers. Teach your children God is a jealous God and we are to put nothing before Him. He is always first in our lives. Teach them contentment, to praise God whatever their circumstance.
Jochebed was a loving mother. Teach your children love is shown in many ways and sometimes the best way to love something is to let it go, be it people or things. Letting our children go and letting God is often the very best way to love them.
Mary was a watchful mother, treasuring all in her heart. Keep watch over your children and treasure every moment. Make every moment with your child memorable. Loving them unconditionally as God loves us. Be a mother after God’s own heart, always striving to please Him.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the sometimes I miss the mark, good, great, and excellent Mothers.

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