Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Soul in Prison - Part 1

Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise thy name, the righteous shall compass me about, for thou shalt deal bountifully with me. (Psalm 142:7)

This scripture was on my site recently and I was drawn to the first line bring my soul out of prison. I copied the scripture for later mediation. The next day one of the devotionals I read was addressing the soul in prison. Two days in a row the Spirit talking to me about my soul in prison led me to believe God was speaking to me and I needed to spend some time with these words. When is the soul in prison and what takes it there? My soul has found her way to the wilderness prison and she has dwelled there for a season. Realizing my soul was deep in lockdown my whole being found itself in distress. Nothing was joyful, sacred songs didn’t touch the spirit, praise could not be found, and even God’s holy word was ineffective in bringing a measure of peace. The soul in prison is screaming to God please come get me; take me out of this desolate place. There is no happiness here, there is no rejoicing, no praise, no hope, and no peace; nothing is here Lord. Why have you put my soul in this desolate place, this place of loneliness, this place of sorrow, why have you left me to wander in circles? My mine has gone over and over my steps, what have I done to get such treatment? I have confessed every sin I know, I have searched my heart for every wrong I‘ve told you all, we have no secrets yet you keep my soul imprisoned. Tell me what I must do, what do you require of me? I have prayed for hours, cried out to Your forgiving heart, and searched your word meditating upon it day and night. Sleep has forsaken me, though I was too troubled to speak, comfort has forgotten my name. Lord will you reject me forever, will I know your favor ever again, has Your unfailing love vanished forever, have You forgotten my God you are merciful, your mercies endure forever. Please God do not remain silent forever, do not turn a deaf ear, please come closer I cannot handle it when You stand aloof, when I can’ t feel your touch, Your silence I can’t endure. I’m thirsting for You my God, Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise thy name, I desire to bring glory to Your Holy Name. sing songs and hymns that magnify Your greatness, I’m ready to share My Lord with the praise of my lips. For You are good and kind, full of compassion drawing me to Yourself.
Sometimes we put ourselves in prison by our actions, the devotion I was reading stated “I Can’t” puts us in prison, other things I believe put us in prison are fear, doubts, worries, distrust, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, the attack of the enemy, God calling us to grow, and preparing us the same as the wilderness or desert in these places our soul can be imprison because of the unknown. I find my soul in prison whenever it feels separated from God, and when He is silent my soul cries out in desperation as it is always seeking to hear His voice.

Reference Psalm 83:1, & Psalm 77


SweetPea said...

Good post. It would do us all good to periodically examine of state and make sure we seek the Lord to release any things keeping us in prison.
In Him,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I am in prison when I forget to remember that my God is a "more than" God and I settle for less. That's confinement of a terrible kind. It limits. It traps. A place I am well familiar with, but never desire to stay.

Thanks for sharing and for visitng me at my blog. Be blessed this day.