Monday, June 30, 2008

I Lift My Soul

My God to You I lift my soul, I bring my soul to You dear God for cleansing. Clean me from all unrighteousness, clean me of my iniquities and wash from me every transgression. Help me to see those things not of You and strip them from my life. Father it is my desire nothing will keep me from Your presence. I seek intimacy with You my God and I know to achieve such a goal my Lord I must put you first in all things. Nothing can top my list but You. At the rise of the dawn let my voice be heard in the heavens. When the sun rises high let words of praise flow from my lips and when the evening sun moves beyond my view into the distance horizon let my lips be lifted in praise of Your goodness

To Your word I turn for instruction and guidance for it is my lifeline. You Lord reveal Your highest self to me, speaking sometimes softly requiring me to dig deeper to gain understanding, to search for You with my whole heart. Other times You speak to me very loudly and I can’t miss Your instructions for my life it all draws me to fellowship with You.

To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul; for with You it is restored leading me in paths of righteousness. To You my God I lift my soul feed me with Thy great joy, I rejoice in my God and delight in the salvation He has so lovingly given to me. I lift my soul to the Lord for my salvation comes at an unmatchable price. I thirst for the living God, to meet with Him to dwell in thy holy tabernacle to love Him all the days of my life, eternally. My soul clings to the Lord, He knows my soul for it is His creation; molded, shaped and designed according to His great wisdom, In the Lord I put my hope. Your right hand upholds me all the day forever and ever. Steadfast is my heart, longing to please the God of my Savior and Redeemer.
To you my Lord, my Savior I lift up my soul. I have put my trust in You and You show me the way I should go. Each morning, Your kindness brings me word of your unfailing love and my soul glorifies You.

Lift your soul to the Lord, our God. When you lift the part of you God knows so well He will feed you with Himself. He will strengthen you when you find yourself living in weakness, He will give you hope when the day leaves you in doubt. He will shower you with kindness, grace and mercy when you cry for help at the dawning of troubles. When you find yourself longing in the night for peace of mine lift your soul to the Lord for He will bring you morning joy. The past has a tight stronghold on you and keeps you bound not allowing you to move from guilt and shames put your trust in God and delight greatly in the Lord; open your soul to rejoice in God for he has clothed you with garments of salvation and arrayed you in a robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels. Lift your soul to the Lord my sister, He calls for you to come closer to Him, to abide in Him, lift your soul to meet with Him because at His great right hand are pleasures evermore.

The Books of Psalms, Isaiah and Luke.

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