Monday, September 22, 2008

Having A Mary Spirit-Bible Study

I won't be answering the questions this time either but want to share where reading this chapter has brought me.

I have struggled to forgive someone, in fact still in this struggle. I have always known from the moment when the hurt I would have to forgive in fact I had t forgive more than one person. Mostly I have moved past this situation, but it is a year later and I still struggle with one person. I have prayed for this person. I have talked to myself and committed to forgiveness, I understand how this situation could affect my relationship with God but in all honesty I am not 100% there. I can still get angry when I think of the situation. This chapter helped me by pointing out those things I already knew a goof reminder as I had to take a look at this very situation this week. So what do I do with this situation? I continue to pray, I will continue in my choice to forgive, I will bless and not curse; I will keep brining it to God. I will not gossip about it, I will accept I do not have to be proven right and I will never get an apology. I will cast evil thoughts away immediately giving it all to Jesus. The journey to forgiveness is not always an easy one but an important one and it is such a small thing to let interfere with my relationship with God which is a trillion times more important than this offense and it is God’s to handle anyway and not mine.

This one was very close to home.

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