Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Love to Worship You

I was listening to the song I love to worship you.
I love to worship the Lord. I love those moments when He takes me into His Presence and I can feel Him, there is a connection which is sometimes indescribable. I had such a moment when I was writing the post for Sabbath Rest this past week. Those moments of writing led me to declare “I love You Lord”, my God” because I was yet again in awe as I saw the Lord. Sometimes the way the Spirit works in me and for me leaves me in such a state of wonder and this is why I love to worship the Lord. Singing in my heart, praying, this is one of the greatest. These extraordinary moments don’t come often and thus they become unforgettable. I remember one morning driving to work and I was in prayer and I felt Jesus with me, I knew He was there. His Presence just covered me and a smile flowed from my heart to my lips as I was bathe in sweet joy. This moment occurred years ago yet it is just as clear to me today as if it was this morning. Once I was preparing to speak at my Church for Family Day and of course I was in prayer before leaving for the church and I ask the Lord to be with me as I brought forth the message and He spoke clearly almost audible to me that He was already with me and He was. One morning this past summer my devotional was dealing with His mercy and I was mediating on the word mercy and when I got to the end of my street I was not very focus as I was thinking about mercy and I pulled out in front of a car I didn’t see but God did and before I could offer a thank you the car didn’t hit me the Lord said to me “that’s mercy”. I thought how amazing of You to give me such an example. This is the God we serve, how can we not love to worship Him.
Worship occurs in different ways. We should not become stuck in the belief worship happens only in the corporate setting. It does not always stem from a period of prasing be it corporate or individually. I have discovered great and my most amazing worship experiences when it is just me and God in unplanned time, moments that just happen. Moments where God decides to shows up.

Honor the Lord for His the glory of His name. Worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness. Psalm 29:2 NLT

Exult in His Holy Name; rejoice, you who worship the Lord. Psalm 105:3 NLT

But she came and worshiped him. Matthew 15:25a NLT

Do you have any worship moments you would like to share today? Moments where God drew you closer to Him, showed You who He was in your life. Please share them with us today so we all can bask in His glory.


Sharon said...

Yes Basking in him everyday!! Everyday he is showing me he is there with me, I had the samething happen to me 7mths ago when I was leaving the church, I was sitting at the light it turned green for me, and I paused Praiseee God because a suv was driving so fast ran the light, if it would of been 30 seconds different I think I would of died, they would of hit my door, I cried all the way home and Thanked him for my life!! I know it was him, he saved me.

But I sing praises to him weekly in my living room, my husband will come home sometimes and find me singing out to the Lord, tears falling, he says he can feel the Holy Spirit when he walks in the door.

Thank you for a fresh reminder of the almost tragedy, of him saving me and how I need to Praise him even more, everyday!
God Bless You

God Chaser said...

Sharon how awesome for you and your husband to feel the Holy Spirit when he walks in the house. I can imagine what this must be like for him. Glory to god with you, yes I believed He saved you-that's the grreat God we serve.