Sunday, October 26, 2008

Monday Reflection --to Start Your Day

Lord, I know You hold all I will need in Your hands. I know You will lead me in the way I should go. I know there is no situation You are not capable of handling. I know whatever comes my way You will be there with me. In You I put my trust. In Jesus Name I pray


Rachel said...

A perfect state of mind to start the day in, especially these days.


Linda said...

:) God is so good!! How He helps us, and guides us & never leaves us! He's so powerful, so loving and just an awesome God!! You're right..there is nothing that will happen to us that Him and I or Him and you...can't handle together. :)

Ps..I came across your blog..via another one..decided to check it out :) Glad I did..Have a great night!!

Peggy said...

Amen! Your words are so right that there is nothing that we can't handle together with God! Thank you for your heartfelt prayer. How can our day not have a great start when we start it with Jesus leading our hearts! Peace & strength as you lean on Him!