Friday, November 14, 2008

Sabbath Preparation

My heart has heard You say, “Come, and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “Lord I am coming.” Psalm 27:8

Abba Father, upon Your Holy Name I call. Father I am calling for a heart cleansing. Clean my heart of this weeks worries, doubts, loses, focuses, renew in me a clean heart. Cleanse my Spirit of the world’s way, of all my errors. Calm me down O Lord and bring me to a place of quietness, thankfulness and reflection upon Your Grace. Prepare me Lord for Worship with the assembly gathered to minister unto You.

Tomorrow we who trust in the Lord and believe He gave His only begotten Son for our Salvation will enter His courts for inspiration, motivation and words to carry us through to Wednesday or the next Sunday. Yes the Lord created the Sabbath for man, a day to rest and reconnect with Him. This is our time to drop off the cares of the past week and refresh to start over again on Monday. I challenge you to make this not your primary reason to attend Church tomorrow, but make your primary reason to minister to the Lord; to make Him smile and rejoice because you came and delivered a heart of worship. Worship is about God, all about Him. Worship is not about us, it is not about us getting our personal agenda before God, but about getting God’s agenda before Him. It is about letting God we know Him and because we know Him we adore and love Him. On the Sabbath we demonstrate that adoration and love through worship. To enter His courts for worship we must do some heart preparation, which should have been going on all the week, but the reality of our world is we are so busy living we don’t think about the shape of our heart, mine and spirit until Sunday morning as we get ready for church and sometimes not even then. God is calling us today to prepare our hearts for the Sabbath tomorrow. How do we do that?

Reflection Steps
1-Cleanse your heart, spend time talking with God about any un-confessed sins. Confess and ask for forgiveness.
2- Ask God to help you see changes He would have you make to be able to bear lasting fruit and fulfill His purpose for you.
3- Mediate on all the goodness God has shown you this week.
4- Move into a period of praise. Enter His gates with praise. Don’t wait for tomorrow but praise God today; give thanks for His Presence in your life this past week. Stay in this place from this time on; tomorrow enter His gates with an attitude of Worship.

Reflection of Praise
Additional things you can praise God for:
His Unfailing love
His Mercy
His Goodness
His Love
His Faithfulness
His Compassion
His Word
His Care
His peace
Because He is your Rock, Shield, Refuge, Healer
Because He heard your cries
Because He answered your prayers
Because He gave you strength
His Holy Spirit abiding in you
His Son, who daily advocates for you

Keep your heart reflective and in prayer. Tomorrow say Lord “I’m coming and I can’t wait to worship you.


Melanie said...

Great post and such a great reminder of where our heart should be each Sunday morning.

Beauteous Woman said...

Hi, I am thankful for God to help you to spread the Gospel. Thank you for teaching/sharing/reminding us what Sabbath really means for God and for us to seek Him.

God bless you.


Mariel said...

What a beautiful preparation for the sabbath.

Anonymous said...

When I read your wonderful post- this song came to me. Let's just praise the Lord, Praise the Lord. Let's just lift our hearts toward heaven and praise the Lord.
Praise Him with me:)