Monday, November 1, 2010

Take up your cross

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Denying Self, putting away those things which are for my benefit only, bringing me pleasure but does nothing to advance the kingdom of God. Nothing which resemble the garments of Christ. Things which shows no one the way to Christ. These things hurt no one, they are not evil just time wasters with no real value, ie the phone, facebook. twitter, tv however they have kept me from pursuing my goal, what I say is my heart desire, have kept me from having a quiet time with God, from seeking His voice, His direction for my life. I didn't mean to spend so much time on nothing, just wanted to chill for a minute, relax. The minute turned to hours and when I look back nothing accomplished. Picking up the cross is not necessarily the big things, going to the mission field, organizing a fund raiser, invovlement in church activies etc, sometime picking up the cross is just giving up the unnecessary and moving to a place where Jesus prepares us for His plan. We never get to the big things for we have yet to conquer the little crosses. What will your cross be today?

Father God, my heart desire is to follow you, help me to daily take up the right cross, the cross which is pleasing to you. Daily help me to remember time is precious and very valuable, a gift from you to offer back to You each day. Thank You my Lord for not forsaking me as I have foraken You. Thank You for not laying down the cross, and all its' pain to just chill, relax a bit. I know no cross I pick up will ever measure the one You picked up for me. In Your Precious Name Jesus I pray. Amen

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Michele Williams said...

To follow Him daily. Yes, beautiful...