Monday, September 29, 2008

Having a Mary Spirit---- Broken and Blessed

What spoke to me most?
Thinking too highly of me is dangerous. So is thinking too lowly of myself that is pride also. As I consider where I fall on this spectrum and where do I find a healthy balance I go to the Pride test and in a number of these areas I fall somewhere in between. To create a healthy balance is to stay as close to the “right” as I can, as I continually work toward being able to check all the boxes on the right.

Meekness means “strength under control”. This definition I believe speaks to the soul- I don’t have to be weak, that is never God intention. We don’t have to run from meekness we just have to understand what it really means and live that meaning, showing others how our God defines meekness. Part of the issues with the world is a lack of real knowledge and understanding.
A soft mouth now becomes my prayer. Lord may I respond to Your every direction without force. Let me be so in tune with what you want that I obey before You even ask.

My people are unwilling to be broken. It is only as they allow Me to break their stiff-necked pride that the truth can filter down into their hearts. “Then break me. Lord. I want to know You—truly know you. Not by head, but by heart.” Like meekness, brokenness is not a bad thing. The world has taught us it is. As Joanna notes it can be painful. Brokenness hurts. So we want to guard ourselves from it. Brokenness is a requirement to knowing the true God, knowing God with my heart. “Not one of His bones was broken.” Some wounds will appear, but they will heal and in the healing process I will be made whole. “On the third Day He got up with all power in His hands.”

“For if we hope to be fit for the kingdom of God, we must accept correction. Correction is not rejection. The Lord’s rebuke is always a gift to our souls. For in every check to our nature is a promise of change---if we will receive it, if we repent.”
As I repent and turn from the heart attitude that led to the sin, the Holy Spirit helps me respond and react in new ways—Christ--like ways. This doesn’t mean I don’t still struggle and stumble (Because I do) but gradually as I continue to cooperate with the Spirit’s work in my life my patterns begin to change. This has been true for me also, when I give the Spirit control and heed His voice I see change in my response to situations, circumstances which has lead me to sin in the past. Let me tell you it is better when the response if Christ-like, it draws you closer to God.

Martha’s gift to Jesus was just as sweet as Mary’s for when she accepted His rebuke, she lifted up the fragrance of humility.

“The Heart of a Savior”—“To lay down my own agenda to become humble and generous in order to love the world back to God.” What an awesome assignment, Lord grant me a Savior’s heart. Let my life become a fragrant offering, full of the aroma of Christ which through me will spread everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him. In Jesus Name

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ValleyGirl said...

Beautiful thoughts! You put this into words so well.